What is a Trippy Stick?

For many on the West Coast, the “Trippy Stick” has caught on quite quickly in contrast to those in east coast states. You may be wondering what all the hype is about. At first they were only available to a small amount of people.,

“Trippy Sticks” are pen sized vaporizers that allow you to burn oils and Dry Blends. The vaporizer pens cost anywhere from about $90-$130.

Apparently the trippy sticks are very strong and can bring even the heaviest smoker satisfaction without going through an entire cartridge. Cartridges are replaceable. Each cartridge supposedly gives you about 100 hits.

The vaporizer pens are very convenient for the heavy hard hitting smokers out there because of their portability and small size, plus they charge via a USB cord. They also eliminate any potent “cigarette” smells making it very easy to sneak in a few hits in a public place without drawing much attention.

Since the initial release of the trippy sticks, newer and more improved versions have been developed and spread around. Some newer brands even claim to not need cartridges, allowing you to vaporize what you choose to. This makes it so users are not limited to what you can purchase within a cartridge.

Certain celebrities have caught on and are likely increasing the popularity of the trippy sticks, for example, Wiz Khalifa. Surely everyone is aware of Wiz as he sees no shame in sharing it with the world and making it a large part of his music. His first time hitting a Trippy Stick turned viral after being on World Star (www.worldstarhiphop.com). It was Wiz’s first time while on his tour bus after being introduced to the product by fellow rap artist, and friend, Berner. He can also be heard mentioning and making references to trippy sticks in his latest music this year as well as rapper Juicy J and Curren$y.

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