Trippy Stick Cartridges, Things To Know When Buying

Trippy Stick cartridges , a lot have questions about what these are. Also, many customers of the blog frequently ask, “Do the cartridges come with the trippy stick?” amongst other topics. It’s important to be well-informed no matter where you are shopping on-line and it’s important to the shop that consumers are aware of what’s being purchased clearly.

Here are the truth of Trippy Stick cartridges availability:
Cartridges are used for the ‘oil’ you burn in Trippy Sticks

Cartridge refills are to be done by the user ( you ). Most web stores are not licensed to ship the vaporizer/oil necessary to operate. However, there should be somewhere local to you that can supply you. We do not ship any oils with our cartridges.

Cartridges are inexpensive. Beginning March 20, 2012, cartridges are free to a all of our customers purchasing the Red Rebel or OG Trippy Stick models. Additionals can be purchased upon request.

5 or more Trippy Stick cartridges (empty) are usually included in pen purchases.

Trippy Stick cartridges typically come in 4 colors. These colors are transparent white, transparent aqua blue, black, and a transparent dark grey. There are probably additional colors today, so do not be surprised if you come across others.

Shoppers of can pretty much apply what is written here to most stores on-line. New trippy stick technology is being offered that does not require cartridges, however much of this is still relatively new. Therefore, there have been ‘bugs’ in some of these beta Trippy Stick releases.

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